What Is Chaperone Training?


Have you been asked to be a chaperone for your child, spouse, significant other, partner, family member, or friend who has committed a sexual offense or accused of inappropriate behavior or a sexual offense? Have your loved one been temporarily removed from the home and cannot return until you complete a chaperone class? I can help your by offering you a an immediate class to expedite your loved one coming home.  

Are you a parent, a primary caregiver, or a foster parent of an adolescent that has acted out? Is someone you care about on probation or parole, or getting ready for prison or jail release and need you to take a chaperone class? Do you need to chaperone a sexual offender to specific event, i.e. church, wedding, funerals, etc.? I can help! 

Chaperone training is a 6 hour class that provides you with extensive training on how to keep children safe, how to properly chaperone the offender, and educate you on the overall dynamics of sex offenders. The class can be broken up into three, two hour sessions, two, three hour sessions, or if you traveling from out-of-town, it can be taken in one day to accommodate your traveling needs. I can help! The goal of the class is to prevent further victimization and to be of support and accountability. 

What will you learn in the class?​​

As a chaperone you will learn:

  •  What is expected of a chaperone
  •  What is a child safety zone
  •  What is a thinking error
  •  Myths regarding sexual offender
  •  Characteristics of sexual offenders
  •  Warning Signs for victims
  •  The Cycle of Abuse
  •  What are high risk situations
  •  Who makes a good victim
  •  No contact rules for offenders
  •  Prevention and Safety
  •  Safety Plan

Will this class be acceptable by the courts?

I am Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider, licensed by the State of Texas, and I have been trained to facilitate chaperone classes. You will be provided with training material and at the end of successful training, along with your active participation, and completed written assignments, you will be provided with a Certificate of Completion and a signed letter for submission to the courts. 

Is there anything I need to bring the class?

You will need to be knowledgeable about the committed offense. It is recommended that you discuss it with the offender AND request a copy of the police report. Oftentimes, the victim’s perception will differ from the offenders. Having knowledge of both sides will help you be more aware of what happened. It is important that you also bring ANY reports or other information regarding the offense with you. 

How do I sign up for the class or get more information?

Contact LaShaun Roberts at A Better Life Counseling Center, 214-731-7450.  

Do you offer other services?

LaShaun Roberts, MBA, MA, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and LSOTP (Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider),
is the Clinical Director at A Better Life Counseling Center. A Better Life Counseling Center ( www.chooseabetterlife.net ) is a private mental health practice that offers Chaperone training, sex offender treatment, assessments, evaluations, and provides other professional therapeutic services to individuals, families, and groups for a wide range of concerns.  She has have worked with parole and probation offenders and offices, adult and juvenile offenders, civilly committed offenders, and special need offenders. 

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